About Us

What is Ceiba?

Ceiba provides a comprehensive suite of IT management, technology outsourcing services, and IT planning and roadmap services. We have an a la carte menu of services where you can get easy in/easy out with email migrations, or you can expand to have us manage more of your infrastructure. This can go all the way up to one-stop shopping for companies looking for outsourced IT portfolio planning and management.

  • We help companies get through growth issues and overcome growth humps
  • We bring enterprise class IT solutions to the small and medium business segment
  • We’re experts in application migration to Microsoft Azure
  • We offer services to stabilize current state, as well as chart the way forward
  • We focus on ongoing relationships

Ceiba Advantage

Many companies have enterprise class needs, but aren't large enough to have full-time specialized workers. Ceiba brings proven compliance experience (PCI, HIPAA, Finra) to our customers.

Many companies offer stabilization services, but most don't offer strategic and roadmap planning services. Most companies need their best people focused on their business, and don't have the time to do a business case analysis on technology. If you don't have a long-term plan which aligns your technology to your business we can help.

Most people have their ability to do business interrupted by their technology. Either through high IT costs, low productivity, unreliable apps, apps that won't scale, data loss, or just spending too much time on managing technology vendors. We're experts in end-to-end value proposition development and take a holistic view to solving problems. We're experts in the latest Microsoft technologies and know how to maximize ROI. We believe technology should just work.